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Unleash the force of a disruptive innovation...The Ghost Hybrid. Dosing pumps are no longer be needed for liquid polymer activation systems. An ambush that no one saw coming: The Ghost Hybrid.

The Ghost Hybrid is the unique integration of our submersible polymer/chemical activation technology with submersible progressive cavity pump technology. This submersible PC dosing pump is driven with the exact submersible actuator that runs our mixers inside our blending cup. The actuator is electric, pneumatic or hydraulic. The shaft that connects the actuator with the mixers is extended to the top of the blender and connected via coupling pins to a stainless steel rotor. The rotor is paired to its elastomer stator. We use an immersed multifunctional shaft that mix and dose at once. The cool part is that the design enabled us to install sight ports, allowing view access of the moment when polymer enters in contact with dilution water.

Ghost Hybrid 

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PolyGhost Hybrid 1.png
PolyGhost Dosing Mixing Pump 7.png
PolyGhost Dosing Mixing Pump 4.png
PolyGhost Hybrid DOSEMIX Pump 4 AUG 2021.png
PolyGhost Hybrid DOSEMIX Pump 5 AUG 2021.png
PolyGhost Dosing Mixing Pump.png

Dilution Water Inlet

Neat Polymer




PolyGhost Hybrid 2.jfif
PolyGhost Hybrid 1.jfif
Pic D - PolyGhost Hybrid-UNO dosing pump and blender in one.png
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