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Unleash the hurricane force-winds of another disruptive innovation: Our CAT-5 Lightning, PolyGhost's Dry Polymer / Dry Powder Inline Activation Technology among others. It feels so cool to see and to feel in my hands the power, its high RPM's of this CAT-5 prototype. This CAT-5 Ghost will make landfall very soon and the computer models can't predict exactly when.

What we know so far is that this CAT-5 have extreme hurricane force-winds and we know that it will change the direction of dry polymer mixing and powder markets very soon.

Be prepared because a CAT-5 hurricane is growing slowly in the warm and turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

SEPT 2020 USPTO Patented Technology

Ghost CAT5

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CAT5 1.png
Polyghost Cat-5 Lightning Dry Polymer Dry Pownder Inline Feed System SEPT 2020 USPTO Paten
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