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Oil spill Remediation Technology 

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Imagination never sleeps... OCEANIC PolyGhost Manta / Solar Powered Oil Spill Remediation Technology.

“On a Saturday morning, back in 2019, my daughter and I noticed a strange smell coming out of from our beach spot. The sand, the water and marine life were covered in oil. Accidentally thousands of gallons of hydraulic fluid were dumped into our beach. My daughter asked me, “Are our fish going to survive? Can we do something?” my answer was “Yes, they will survive and we will do something about this...” so please welcome our 5th Category: the 1st solar power oceanic oil spill remediation technology, the 1st floating centrifugal separator...our PolyGhost MANTA.

It is time to give back to Mother Nature, to our oceans, to our marine life, to the preservation of our future...”

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