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The generation of the GhostBLOK.

Liquid polymer activation and blending systems designed to integrate any type of dosing pump brand. These units are pump ready plug and play skids.

Just hook up your dosing pump in the GhostBLOK and press play.


Simplicity + Flexibility = GhostBLOK 


GhostBLOK Type PC is for the use of progressive cavity dosing pumps.

GhostBLOK Type D is for the use of solenoid, stepper, peristaltic, and mechanical dosing pumps. 


We offer flexibility to all our customers and simultaneously we are including a new 2020 USPTO patented mixing technology for the use of all.

PolyGhost GhostBLOK 1.png
PolyGhost GhostBLOK Seepex Pump 6 Side View B.png
PolyGhost GhostBLOK Seepex Pump 5 Side View A.png
PolyGhost GhostBLOK 7.png
PolyGhost GhostBLOK 2.png

GhostBLOK with Seepex Progressive Cavity Dosing Pump

GhostBLOK with LMI Milton Roy Dosing Pumps

PolyGhost GhostBLOK 3.png
PolyGhost GhostBLOK LMI DUAL Pump 2.png
PolyGhost GhostBLOK LMI DUAL Pump 3.png
PolyGhost GhostBLOK 8.png
PolyGhost GhostBLOK 2.png
GBLOK Pumpless PC 1.png
GBLOK 2.png
GBLOK 1.png
GB Alfa Laval 10.png
GB Alfa Laval 1.png
GB Alfa Laval 2.png
Selection Guide Ghost-BLOK.png
New PolyGhost Models_GHOST 3_Diaphragm F
New PolyGhost Models_GHOST 3 Feb

Contact Us To Send You A Proposal And General Arrangement Drawings of Your Selected Ghost-Blok

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