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GBLOK300PC - 3.0 GPH

GBLOK300PC - 3.0 GPH


GhostBLOK PC Skids integrate progressive cavity dosing pumps. They are a complete liquid polymer activation and blending system. Each GhostBLOK PC skid is equipped with PolyGhost’s 2020 USPTO patented mixing chamber technology and all the necessary components of the new generation of versatile liquid polymer activation systems.



GBLOK300PC - 3.0 GPH 

Dilution water max: 60 GPH - 300 GPH 

Dosing Rate: 0.3 GPH - 3.0 GPH 

Dosing Pump: SEEPEX MD 0015-24 

Dosing Pump NEMA4X VFD: Included 


Operation Mode:

Local: On/Off --> Dilution water solenoid valve

Local: On/Off --> PolyGhost blender

Local: Manual dilution water adjustment at rotameter

Local: On/Off --> Polymer dosing pump

Local at pump: Manual dosing adjustment at pump potentiometer

Water pressure switch: included

Pressure Regulator: Included and set to 50 psi.


If there is an event of dilution water loss or low water pressure or power losss the system will shut down showing an alarm. Reset alarm and play.

  • Dilution water range:

    60 GPH - 300 GPH

  • Dosing Pump:

    SEEPEX MD 0015-24 ( Pump + VFD Included )

  • Dosing Range:

    0.3 GPH to 3.00 GPH 

  • Skid Frame Material:

    304/316 Stainless Steel

  • Skid Colors:

    Black / Stainless steel

  • Pump Operation:

    VFD  Potentiometer (90vdc or 180vdc motors only)

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