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PolyGhost HammerHeads

Introducing PolyGhost HammerHeads! Pump your sludge feed directly into our Hammerheads to get an instantaneous poly-conditioned sludge prior to mechanical separation.

The Hammerheads are unique, unseen and 2020, 2023 USPTO patented high flows dosing and mixing beasts.

If on a daily basis your sludge dewatering facility operates between (2) two or (10) ten belt filter presses or decanter centrifuges all at the same time then the PolyGhost HammerHeads are your perfect fit.

If on a daily basis your sludge dewatering facility operates sludge feed flows between 1,000 GPMs or 10,000 GPMs then the PolyGhost HammerHeads are your perfect fit.

The PolyGhost HammerHeads are a unique solution to optimize sludge dewatering and thickening processes that operate nonstop with multiple mechanical separation systems and at high feed flows.

The Hammerheads skids are the integration of the following components in just one system:

1. PolyGhost Octopus - Progressive Cavity Dosing Pump.

2. PolyGhost Octopus - Neat Polymer+Dilution Water Mixing Reactor with integrated high shear mixers.

3. PolyGhost Activator - Polymer Activation, Mixing and Aging Reactor with integrated high shear mixers inside the activation cup, a submersible IP 68 electric motor (the motor powers the high shear mixers located in the cup, the Octopus mixers, and the PolyGhost progressive cavity pump) surrounded with a static mixer with a final mix and aging zone. Submersible Motors from 2 HP up 25 HP driven by a VFD to control the neat polymer progressive cavity dosing pump feed (GPH or GPM) and the mixing velocity. We use Grundfos or Franklin Electric Submersible motors.

4. Intermediary check valve (to prevent sludge feed enters or filtrate into the PolyGhost Activator).

5. PolyGhost HammerHead Reactor: Polymer Solution + Sludge Feed Mixing Reactor (contact zone between sludge feed and polymer solution feed)

6. PolyGhost HammerHead Poly-Conditioned Sludge Distributors

7. PolyGhost HammerHead Mixer or Macerator - optional

The polymer conditioned sludge leads the HammerHeads directly to your belt filter presses or decanter centrifuges. No additional mixing machinery or polymer connections are needed. Your sludge feed is poly-conditioned instantaneously in our HammerHeads.

With the HammerHeads your inlet poly-conditioned sludge feed to all your dewatering machines will be constant and balanced. You will have absolute control of your polymer dosing, polymer activation, poly-sludge mix and poly-conditioned sludge with our new technology; The HammerHeads.

Following our customers needs we can configure custom HammerHeads.

I want to integrate the HammerHeads to our process! 

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