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Complete MANTA floating_ separation_pumping system_ solar powered

Manta Oil Spill Remediation Technology

This technology is the one I like the most! And it has a true story behind it... On a Saturday morning, back in 2019, my daughter and I noticed a strange smell coming out from our beach spot. The sand, the water and marine life were covered in oil. Accidentally thousands of gallons of hydraulic fluid were dumped into our beach. My daughter asked me, “Are our fish going to survive? Can we do something?my answer was “Yes, they will survive, and we will do something...”The PolyGhost Manta Separator is the 1st oceanic solar powered oil spill remediation technology. The 1st floating oil/water centrifugal separation technology. The 1st inline oil/water separation technology using submersible motors inside a separation chamber that are in direct contact with the separated liquids. Our blending chamber is converted into a separation chamber. Inside this chamber you will find a high-speed solar powered submersible motor. Our speed range can go from 2,000 RPMs up to 12,000 RPMs driving at the same time an internal high speed disc separator with a series of oil and water distribution chambers. This new remediation technology can be used in small size and large-scale size oil spills. It is an unprecedented technology under PolyGhost’s USPTO Patented Technologies.


It is time to give back to Mother Nature, to our oceans, to our marine life, to the preservation of our future

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PolyGhost Manta

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Oil Spill Remediation Technology - MANTA
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