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OCTOBLOK600-8 Pneumatic

OCTOBLOK600-8 Pneumatic


Introducing the Pneumatic OCTOBLOK Neat Polymer Activation System! The most disruptive, versatile, and compact liquid polymer activation system for sludge dewatering applications.


Why disruptive? PolyGhost's OCTOPUS eliminated from the equation the use of external dosing pumps and external mixers in liquid polymer activation systems. Every system out there uses a separate mixer and a separate dosing pump. We don't need a separate dosing pump and we don't need a separate mixer because our Octopus Dosi-Mix Pump can do both.

The OCTOBLOK integrates our Pneumatic Octopus Dosi-Mix Pump Technology.


Dosing + Mixing... The All in One Octopus Technology.

The progressive cavity dosing pump and the high shear mixers are driven with our pneumatic motor. No electrical components or connections are required. Just plug your compressed air line to our air quick connect plug and just play! Adjust dosing flow (GPH) by adjusting air flow in the flow control Knob (SCFH) located in the air flow rotameter. Adjust dilution water flow by adjusting  the control Knob (GPM) located in the water flow rotameter. Very simple. 


OCTOBLOK Pneumatic Version Components:

  • Sand blasted 316 stainless steel with black epoxy coating
  • Pneumatic Octopus Dosimix Pump System with integrated PolyGhost's Progressive Cavity rotor, FKM stator, Onyx High Shear Mixers, Single Sealed U - Joint, stainless steel shafts, mechanical seal, couplings and PolyGhost Atlas Copco Pneumatic Motor. 
  • 1" NPT Dilution water inlet connection
  • Dilution water pressure regulator factory set to 40 psi
  • Dilution water pressure gauge in stainless steel
  • Dilution water manual adjustment rotameter
  • 1" NPT Neat Polymer inlet connection
  • 1" NPT Solution Outlet connection
  • 1/4" Quick Disconnect Compressed Air Hose Fitting
  • Compressed Air manual adjustment rotameter = Neat Polymer Dosing - Air Flow Range: 0 - 180 SCFH
  • Compressed Air pressure gauge in stainless steel
  • Atlas Copco Air Preparation unit - Water Removal + Lubricant - Set to 80 psi


Required maximum air flow: 180 SCFH 

Max air pressure: 90 PSI

Air Flow Operational Range: 30 SCFH - 120 SCFH


Air Compressor - Not included


Air compressor mimimum requirements: 

Air Delivery SCFM @ 90PSI = 4

Gallons: 20

HP: 1.5




  • Dilution water range:

    60 GPH - 600 GPH

  • Dosing Pump Range:

    0.8 GPH - 8.0 GPH

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